Add options to make your pool experience easier and more enjoyable

Self Cleaning Systems
Low maintenance? How about NO maintenance?
The Infloor self cleaning system will keep your pool clean automatically!
This system continually cleans your pool, 24/7. As an added advantage, 
it’s continual circulation of water along the bottom of the pool keeps an 
even distribution of heat at all depths.
This means savings on your heating costs.

Automatic Level Control
Automatic level control with overflow monitors will keep track of your water
level so you don’t have to.

In wall lighting options make swimming at night an enjoyable experience,
or simply enjoy the mood lighting while sitting by the pool on a warm
summer evening.

Endless Pools
A great way to stay in shape. The Endless Pool system sends a continuous
flow of water so that you can swim without the need of a large pool. With
variable current strengths, you can adjust the speed at which you swim.

Deck Jets
A playful feature that shoots gentle streams of water from the pool deck into
the pool for a decorative effect, and fun for the kids.

Water Features
Natural Stone water fountains and waterfalls add a natural beauty to any pool.
One of our signature options, our craftsmen carve and sculpt actual pieces of
stone that are incorporated uniquely to suit each pool.
As an added function, all of our water features are plumbed into the filtration
system with variable water flow controls.

Vanishing Edge Pools
Another one of our signature features, the vanishing edge pool incorporates the
beauty of the calmness of water. During construction, each tile is carefully set to
ensure a perfectly level edge at which the water stops for that “edgeless” look.
This feature works especially well with sloped yards.

Safety Covers
These functional pool covers offer the ability to cover your pool for the off
season to keep out debris, but can also be used as a safety cover to ensure that children
cannot wander into your yard and accidentally fall into your pool while you are away.